Long Now Salon: Not A Typical Bar

Jillian Northrup is one half of the design-build team Because We Can who are leading the design for the Long Now Salon. She told us how designing the Salon for Long Now is different from a typical commercial bar project. See more of their design on the Because We Can site (links below).

Jillian mentions the unique design solution they devised for storing our Long Now Bottle Club bottles: raising them into the rafters of the space like chandeliers. In the image of the new design below you can see them in the ceiling above the bar. Here’s how you can reserve your own bottle.

Long Now bar design perspective with bottle keep bottles by Because We Can

The above video and the rest on the Long Now Vimeo page were produced by Sustainability Media who do our seminar videos. In the future we’ll share a longer documentary including these interviews and more on the whole Salon design project. We hope you enjoy these clips as a sneak peek.

Long Now Salon bottle chandelier close up from Because We Can

If you’ve been in the Long Now space at Fort Mason you may have noticed our witty etched aluminum signs with phrases like “Carpe Millenium” and the great great great great sign below. Those were also designed by Because We Can. A reminder that long-term thinking goes well with a sense of humor.

Long Now's Great Great Great Great Signage photo by Because We Can


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