Long Now Salon Funding Update

We are Brickstarting our new Long Now Salon, please help us build it!

A week ago we announced that construction of the Long Now Salon has begun along with a new phase of fundraising to support the project. The salon is a venue for small events and big ideas, contemplation and conversation about long-term thinking, deep thoughts and inspiring beverages.

We wanted to give you an update on how things are going so far.

We’ve raised more than $14,000 this first week, bringing our overall total past the $180,000 mark, and over 100 people have contributed to the campaign so far. There has been great enthusiasm for the Salon on social networks, as you can see from the tweets below.

There’s a lot of excitement about the rare vintage Pu’erh tea we are offering to Founders Tea Club donors and our partnership with Samovar Tea Lounge to provide great tea for our Salon menu.

Many Long Now members and other supporters have contributed at the $100 level and received a special Long Now Challenge Coin. You can see one of these below:


This hefty stainless steel coin features an engraved image of a Bristlecone Pine on one side and our Carpe Millennium logo on the other. Challenge Coins have a fascinating tradition. More on that soon.

Overall the project will cost nearly a half million dollars, to stay on schedule we want to reach the $250,000 mark by the end of June. And we’d love your help, both by spreading the word on social networks and by considering a tax-deductible contribution of anywhere from $10 to $25,000.

More information is in the video below. Will you help us build it?

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