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Consequences of Perspective

As part of the larger strategy to keep our decaying nuclear waste undisturbed in long-term storage facilities, linguists, artists, and scientists alike have proposed building monuments over and around the areas where the waste is concealed to discourage future generations from entering these toxic sites for at least 10,000 years. Linguists speculate that the English language will decay by 89 percent over the next ten millennia.

Only 11 percent of our warnings will reach them.

The following is an erasure of a paper published inThe Medical Implications of Nuclear War. The text was sourced from the National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine website.

Only 11 percent of the original document remains.

The purpose of this systematic war:

                          offer care

                          complications progressed

It became all

            impact has been , and continues to be

Subject of


                                                                                        uncovered to be confined entirely

The application of our knowledge has been done on subjects

Response to warning:

            Administer economy without nations.

There is, shortage of change,


            Pretend, We do not question, speculate, entertain possibilities.

Mutually assured


                                                                                         Casualties thought to be effective

under conditions for civil system.

            Blast-resistant citizens of an impending time.

This so-called crisis of realism a product of orchestrated flight targeted escalation

            We citizens under catastrophe have to be appropriate, even without safe

Persons responsible evacuate.

            The completeness devastation brings,

Suffering the subject of studies. We begin with a scenario then Megatons

            (detonation would be skeletal, contents blown into streets)

Leave no signs.

                                      This is the circuitry of the classified.

blacked out economy interruption to the data

  In the event of sabotage, fail. The nature of a glitch is to predict total collapse.

                                                                                          How long can a body carry on?

Maintenance of

                         the absence

                         the presence

                         of insect of radiation described by complications

                                                                                                   of time disruptions of static

  The consumer nature of commodities is a pattern of victims assessing material

                                      well-being from productivity.

A collapse of behavior, efficient, but impersonal An individual creates

            an image which masks the whole.

                                                                                         intimate in industrialized

                                                                                         objectification essential to nation

                                                                                                                             of emergency

Human: a disaster-induced suspension of highly-concentrated time

                 and again biologicals deteriorate to the raw units. Deplete the embodied.

                       Form the machines.

                       Forecast estimates

                                                                       medium of exchange rendered useless

Metallurgical growth


                                                                                   the totality within reasonable speed.

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