Long Now Salon: Membership Offer for Flask Level Donors (Tuesday)

The Long Now 'Window Flask'

Long Now is in the process of founding a 21st Century Salon: a social venue that celebrates long-term thinking, showcases our projects, serves delicious beverages, and inspires amazing conversations. Today you can support that effort and Long Now will give you a year’s membership as thanks.

All day Tuesday, if you donate to the Salon at one of our Flask levels or above you get a year’s membership to Long Now (you can also extend an existing membership or assign a gift membership, alternatively). A one-year Stainless Steel Long Now membership includes all you see below…


For the generous tax-deductible gift of $500 you get all of that and more. You are investing in the future of Long Now, as we bring the design of our first dedicated public venue to life. And you will enjoy our Seminars to the fullest with reserved tickets to our events, a real time audio stream, and high quality video that includes our back catalog of amazing speakers.

You also get the great Flask-level benefits including the choice of a Yixing clay-lined tea flask or a Window flask. And at our higher levels you can get a personal reserve of rare tea or Bristlecone Gin and much more. You can see all the details and make a contribution here. This offer is only good for Tuesday, June 25 (until midnight Pacific time).

Yixing clay-lined tea flask

So whether you are close to us in the Bay Area or on the other side of the world, your gift and membership brings the Long Now to you while also helping us immeasurably in our future progress. You can imagine the programs we will bring you in our new space.

If you’ve been waiting to donate to the Salon then now is the time. Our funds raised by the end of the month will help us get a discounted rate on Salon construction from our builder. So your contribution means even more. After you donate just reply to the confirmation email, letting us know if you want the membership in your name or someone else’s.

On Monday we debuted a new dedicated Long Now Salon twitter (@longnowsalon) and Facebook page for ongoing news and updates. As construction continues we will share finalized design details, fundraising updates, and videos and images of all the particulars on the path to the Salon opening.

We hope you will consider giving today and help us spread the word.

More exciting announcements ahead. Thanks so much for your interest and support of The Long Now Foundation!

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