77 Million Paintings wrap up

photo by James Home

Here at Long Now we are just now coming out of our daze from producing Brian Eno’s 77 Million Paintings at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center over this last weekend. We are updating this page with photos and write ups and you can see Flickr photos here. Friday and Saturday evenings were absolutely packed with nearly 800 and 1000 attendees respectfully.

We were a bit shocked to find that the big crowd for each evening came right at the opening time, leaving the late night crowd with the installation much to themselves. Many people stayed for hours with the installation, it was an incredible sight to see 400 bodies laid out in complete silence, bathed in the glow of 48,000 lumens of high definition imagery (I shot this pic from up above in the cat walk).

The Sunday evening members event was a nice change of pace with a few hundred less people who were as much into mingling as seeing the piece, giving the party area and the installation a nice balance of people. Brian Eno was also able to join us for this final evening and say a few words about this piece relates to Long Now.

A parallel event was also run in Second Life organized by Blueair.tv and built by Annabeth Robinson. Brian Eno was even able to log in briefly on Sunday evening.

Long Now would love to thank all of our new members for whom this event was arranged, Brian Eno for allowing us to put it on, Obscura Digital and AVPS for their advice, support, and incredible projection gear, the unstoppable Rock Star Bartenders, Yerba Buena Center For the Arts, all of our staff and volunteers, and our local 16 stage-hands for putting it all together.

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