People of Long Now

Nicholas Paul Brysiewicz

Director of Development

Nicholas is focused on the next generation of long-term thinkers in orbit around The Long Now Foundation. He also helps direct our fundraising. Nicholas has raised funds for creative projects his entire life.

He’s a philosopher by avocation and a systems engineer by training.

Nicholas speaks to audiences around the world about the ethos behind our projects and the importance of long-term thinking.

He is also the person you should contact if you are interested in supporting our work with a special donation.

He cares deeply about the role that preservation plays for any great work of art across time.

"Just as a work cannot be without being created but is essentially in need of creators, so what is created cannot itself come into being without those who preserve it.

However, if a work does not find preservers, does not at once find them such as respond to the truth happening in the work, this does not at all mean that the work may also be a work without preservers. Being a work, it always remains tied to preservers, even and particularly when it is still only waiting for preservers and only pleads and waits for them to enter into its truth. Even the oblivion into which the work can sink is not nothing; it is still a preservation. It feeds on the work. Preserving the work means: standing within the openness of beings that happens in the work. This "standing-with" of preservation, however, is a knowing. Yet knowing does not consist in mere information and notions about something. He who truly knows what is, knows what he wills to do in the midst of what is."

— M. Heidegger, The Origin of the Work of Art, 01950

Tre Balchowsky

Interval Producer

Kurt Bollacker

Digital Research Director

Nicholas Paul Brysiewicz

Director of Development

Todd Carnam

Beverage Director & Lead Bartender

KC Crowell

Operations Associate

Danielle Engelman

Director of Programs

Ahmed Kabil

Writer & Editor

Dan Linder

Technical Lead

Michael McElligott

Interval Producer

Alexander Rose

Executive Director and Long Now Board Member

Andrew Warner

Technical Production & Public Communications Lead

Laura Welcher

Director of Operations and The Long Now Library

Juliann Witt

Member Program Coordinator

Deborah Yoon Zacharias

Development Associate