People of Long Now

Nicholas Paul Brysiewicz

Director of Development

Nicholas joined The Long Now Foundation in early 02016 to help the organization develop into a multigenerational institution and to help shape contemporary conversations around long-term thinking.

His work focuses on both long- and near-term strategies for sustainability. Authentic community-building addresses the foundation’s long-term needs; ethical fundraising addresses its immediate needs.

Nicholas has a broad academic background that spans systems engineering, depth psychology, and phenomenological philosophy.

Prior to joining The Long Now Foundation, Nicholas advised corporate firms on design strategy, enterprise sales, and business development. He also toured in a few rock bands. He currently lives in San Francisco where he reads, writes, and reflects on being and time.

Anyone looking to get more involved with Long Now is invited to reach out to him directly.

Kurt Bollacker

Digital Research Director

Nicholas Paul Brysiewicz

Director of Development

Todd Carnam

Beverage Director & Lead Bartender

KC Crowell

Operations Associate

Danielle Engelman

Director of Programs

Ahmed Kabil

Writer & Editor

Dan Linder

Technical Lead

Michael McElligott

Interval Producer

Alexander Rose

Executive Director and Clock Project Manager

Andrew Warner

Technical Production & Public Communications Lead

Laura Welcher

Director of Operations and The Long Now Library

Juliann Witt

Member Program Associate

Deborah Yoon

Development Assistant