10,000 Year Membership

10,000 Year Membership

For those who are ready to make a commitment of millennial proportions, we offer The 10,000 Year Membership - an individual lifetime membership in The Long Now Foundation for a one-time, up-front donation of $10,000. Our gift to you is an heirloom piece designed to last for millennia - The Rosetta Disk.

The Rosetta Disk - An Heirloom across Generations

The Rosetta Disk is a microscopic archive of the world's languages, crafted by The Long Now Foundation to last for thousands of years. The Disk is an artifact for the future - an intentional Rosetta Stone - that could serve as a key to deciphering the written records our civilizations leave behind. It is also a testament to human experience and intellect as expressed in our myriad languages - languages that are themselves a record of thousands of years of interaction with our surrounding environments and with each other. As a caretaker of a Rosetta Disk, your responsibility is to pass it down from generation to generation in your family and tell its story. To honor your lifelong commitment to the Long Now, we will use your support to build long-term financial stability for The Long Now Foundation, our outreach, and our projects.

The Rosetta Disk fits in the palm of your hand, yet it contains over 13,000 pages of information on over 1,500 human languages. The pages are microscopically etched and then electroformed in solid nickel, a process that raises the text very slightly - about 100 nanometers - off of the surface of the disk. Each page is only 400 microns across - about the width of 5 human hairs - and can be read through a microscope at 650X as clearly as you would from print in a book. Individual pages are visible at a much lower magnification of 100X. The outer ring of text reads "Languages of the World" in eight major world languages. While previous versions of this disk cost $25,000 we have engineered this special numbered edition that can be yours as a gift for a $10,000 donation.

Learn more about The Long Now Foundation's Rosetta Project and its Rosetta Disk.

10,000 Year Members:    Anonymous (5)  •  Brian Eno  • Ping Fu  •  In memory of James A. Helmer  •  Matt Mullenweg  •  Lawrence Wilkinson  •  Tyler Willis

Close-ups of the Rosetta Disk. Courtesy Spencer Lowell. All Rights Reserved.

10,000 Year Membership Features

  • A Rosetta Disk individually numbered and presented in a protective laser-etched display.
  • 200X pocket microscope for disk-gazing.
  • "Care and Feeding of Your Rosetta Disk" written by Rosetta Project director Laura Welcher.
  • "Time & Bits: Managing Digital Continuity" read the conversation that identified a coming Digital Dark Age and dreamed of a solution. Our answer would become The Rosetta Disk.
  • Stainless Steel Membership Card individually numbered.
  • VIP invitations to all Long Now special events as well as other member benefits.

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